Dr. Sylvia McLain

Monday, November 16 2015 at 7:30PM

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11 Castle St

Dr. Sylvia McLain

What's the talk about?

From developing theories and defining natural laws, science is a human construct. How does it work? What can it solve? How do you think science works? What does being a scientist mean to you? We will talk about the history of science and its culture and the rise and fall of theories and laws and dicuss what science means to us in the modern age.

Dr. Sylvia McLain is a biophysicist at the University of Oxford, runs a research group in the Biochemistry Department and teaches at St. Peter's College. She has an undergraduate degree in Zoology, a Masters in Education and a PhD in Chemistry. She is a failed house cleaner and fast-food server, and spends her spare time reading far too much and being altogether far too opinionated.