No Turn Unstoned: The harms and benefits of recreational drugs

Suzi Gage

Monday, September 19 2016 at 7:30PM

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Wiston Terrace

Suzi Gage

What's the talk about?

*** Apologies. We hope to rearrange this talk for another time soon ****


The media love to sensationalise the dangers of illicit drug use, whilst downplaying or even ignoring the harms from legal drugs. Suzi takes us on a trip through the current scientific understanding of the harms, and also potential benefits of recreational drugs, both illegal and legal.

Dr Suzi Gage is an Epidemiologist at the University of Bristol, investigating associations between substance use and mental health. When not staring at spreadsheets full of ones and zeros she writes the Sifting the Evidence blog on the Guardian website, and has a small obsession with synthesizers.

Apologies to the younger skeptics. Evening admission to Walkabout is strictly for over 18s only.