Adam Rutherford

Wednesday, October 19 2016 at 7:30PM

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110-117 Friar Street

Adam Rutherford

What's the talk about?

A sprawling saga of the history of humankind is packed inside our cells, written in 3 billion letters of DNA, and in the last few years we’ve learnt how to read it. Our genomes are packed with culture, war, disease, migration, murder, kings and queens, race, and a whole lot of quite deviant sex.

Geneticist, writer and broadcaster Adam Rutherford wields the latest addition to the historian’s toolbox, to unscramble the myths and the story of us, and what DNA can – and can’t – tell us about the epic human journey.

Sub89 is wheelchair friendly and accessible with a lift and disabled toilets. Guide dogs are welcome. 14-17 years old will be admitted only if accompanied by an adult.