Alom Shaha

Thursday, August 16 2012 at 7:30PM

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76-78A Kings Road, Reading, RG1 3BJ

Alom Shaha

What's the talk about?

Alom Shaha is a science teacher, writer and film-maker. He is also the author of The Young Atheist's Handbook, an account of his journey from being raised in a Bangladeshi Muslim community to becoming an outspoken atheist. Along the way, Alom also attempts to share his ideas for how to live a good and happy life without god.

One of only a handful of high profile public "ex-Muslim" atheists, Alom believes that atheism should be a way of life that should be available to all, regardless of their background. He was inspired to write the book following his experiences as a school teacher and a conversation with A.C. Grayling in which the philosopher told him "you should write a book". The Young Atheist's Handbook is a celebration of atheism rather than an attack on religion and presents ideas from science, philosophy and theology in a way the author hopes is accessible to a wide audience and refreshingly different to the other books on atheism out there.